Thursday, 13 March 2014

Craft Fair Display On A Budget

As an MiOEE mentor for many new entrepreneurs I never expected my wife to show creative flair and set up her own cottage business in the creation of her own little niche of making designer leather wrap bracelets.

One morning she announced that she had applied and was successful in securing a limited place for artists at a craft fair in South Carolina. She proceeded to share her ideas for the event as well as asking for my input on how she could make an impact on a shoestring budget that would leave her with a healthy profit  by the end of the one day craft fair event.

Initially, she rang up the event equipment rental firms across South Carolina.  Average rental prices for weekend canopy stand tents were being quoted at $120.  Catering tables and covers were another $40 each! Add in Jewelry stands, shelves and signage and the bill was looking to be over $400.  With a travel distance of 160 miles each way and driving a gas guzzling suburban, all of a sudden it looked unlikely that she would be making a profit at all.

With a little advice and some creative thinking, Jessica writes here about how she managed to stage a good looking craft display stand at a total cost of $40 and made sales in excess of $600 over the five hour Saturday Craft Fair.